Thranduil – Elvenking

Thranduil - King of Mirkwood

A Portrait Head Sculpt of Thranduil Elvenking (King of Mirkwood) as portrayed by Lee Pace in “The Hobbit”

His original head sculpt was created from Professional Grade Polymer Clay and is a work of art sculpture. No molds were used in his creation. He was then molded in Smooth-On Mold Star Slow 15 silicone and cast in Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 326 resin as seen above.

Thranduil-King of Mirkwood has gentle blushing, and facial features done in artist’s grade acrylic paints and sealers.

His wig was crafted from Kat-Silk and his hand-made crown was created by Susan of My Immortals. 

His OOAK custom clothing, jewelry & accessories were made by Susan of My Immortals.

His body is a Tonner Matt O’Neill fully articulated vinyl body.

A mold was made of him and there is a Limited Edition of 5 with his head cast in resin. His robe pictured was made from vintage material, and his crown was hand-made so no two will be exactly alike.

Price: $1450.00

The gallery below is of the original polymer clay sculpt.

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