Princess Leia Organa


My Immortals-Sculpts by Susan presents a OOAK Original Portrait Sculpt Head of Star Wars Princess Leia Organa portrayed by Carrie Fisher on a Tonner Antoinette body.

Had my OOAK Leia’s butt signed by Carrie Fisher. I was with 3 friends and we just cracked up at her comments!
Her voice was very gravelly (word?) like a heavy smoker. (Those of you old enough to remember, think Selma Diamond on Night Court)
Carrie: The butt??? Really?? This is a first for me.
Susan: Well it’ll be your second too… (my friend had a New Hope Leia to be signed on the butt)
Carrie: It would be so much easier now… my ass is so big.
Susan: Did you see the face? It’s a one of a kind sculpt of you.
Carrie: She looks like she knows I’m going to sign my ass!
We were all just snorting at this point. She is a pip!

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She was created from Professional Grade Polymer Clay and is a work of art sculpture.

No molds were made of her, nor were any molds used in her creation.

Her “glass” eyes were handmade by Susan of My Immortals using polymer clay.
Slave Princess Leia has gentle blushing, and facial features done in artist’s grade acrylic paints and sealers. Her hairline was enhanced for more realism.
Her intricate Slave costume was created by Susan of My Immortals.
Her wig was hand sewn and glued from synthetic mohair and is NOT removable.

I am in no way connected to Lucas Films or Tonner Doll. All rights to characters remain with their original owners.