Medieval Loki-Original Head Sculpt and Costume


An Original Head Sculpt on a 1/4 scale, Tonner Matt body.
Loki’s head was created from ProSculpt Polymer Clay, and no molds or casts were made from this original head sculpt. His original custom wig was created by My Immortals using Katsilk fibers.
Loki’s costume is an original, one-of-a-kind design, depicting Loki as he might have appeared during Medieval times. His armor depicts his three children with the female jötunn Angrboða from Jötunheimr, Fenrir (the Wolf) and Jörmungandr (the Serpent). His vambraces depict the third child Hel. His costume also mirrors his children in the wolf “fur” on his cloak and boots, the reptilian jacquard of his tunic and the sculpted crow skull.
This is commissioned work of art!