Kiranjeet Ray of Light

My Immortals presents Kiranjeet – “Ray of Light” OOAK Portrait Sculpt

This original head sculpt was created from Professional Grade Polymer Clay and is a work of art sculpture. No molds were used in his creation.

Kiranjeet has gentle blushing, and facial features done in artist’s grade acrylic paints and sealers.

His wig was created from synthetic mohair by Susan of My Immortals.

His body is a Tonner Matt O’Neill fully articulated, 17″ vinyl body.

He is a OOAK.



The smelling salts were not needed, but the tissues …
I almost did not have enough of them!!!
You reduced her to tears …
she had to take some time out to compose herself.

I do not think she was expecting such a lifelike doll.
On seeing him, she was totally overcome
with emotion, disbelief and shock.
‘THAT is a doll?!!!!’ ‘No, you are joking me?!!!'”

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