Action Boy Portrait Commission

Action Boy Portrait Sculpt

Action Boy OOAK Portrait Sculpt

As this will be given as a gift, I was asked not to show the reference pictures.

Introducing a OOAK portrait sculpt head on a Tonner Matt body. The head was sculpted completely from a professional quality polymer
and hand painted and sealed in artist quality acrylics and sealers. The wig is hand crafted as well from synthetic mohair. The head functions just like a Tonner head.

The OOAK made to order outfit is by the extremely talented Rebecca of Rebecca’s Gallery!
The shoes are from JamieShow.


The gift giver had this to say about Action Boy when she first saw him…
“GASP!!! Incredible, just incredible. Simply superb.
Everything I hoped for. And the outfit … wow!!!

I cannot wait to see the look on his mother’s face when she unwraps him.
I better have some smelling salts….


I am in no way connected with Tonner Doll.
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