Repaint Commissions


If you are considering a commissioned work from My Immortals, please feel free to ask any questions.

Right now my commissions are done on 16″ to 17″ vinyl headed dolls (like Tonner), or on resin dolls as well. Please remember that all of my works are doll art and not play toys, and are not suitable for children or rough handling.

Following are some of my commission pricing and guidelines:

Full Repaints start at $585.00* (if you supply the doll) (*Note pricing exception below)
Prices will vary with complexity so please contact me for a quote. The basic price includes; full facial paint and simple hair styling, body blushing and mani/pedi. The doll will be unclothed.
Some hair restyling may incur additional costs.
There are no discounts or a break in the price if you do not want the hair styled or body blushed.
Other enhancements are at an additional cost.
Price does not include insured shipping.
(*Pricing exception – I want to be fair to all of my customers, so depending on the repaint, I will charge whatever the last person paid for a particular repaint. For instance, Jamie Fraser repaints start at $795.00.– Jon Snow, who requires sculpting AND carving to achieve the likeness, and a custom wig starts at $905.00)

Full Re-rooting on vinyl head – $200.00

Custom wigs start at $125.00 and upwards, depending on complexity.
PLEASE NOTE: My Immortals will only create Custom Wigs for Commissioned Dolls.

Tattoos – Start at $50.00. I need to see the complexity of what you have in mind to quote more accurately.

Carving or sculpting starts at $195.00 (Carving is removing some vinyl, sculpting is adding epoxy areas to face or body. Quoted case by case.)

A 50% non-refundable deposit will get you into my next available commission opening. The initial downpayment is non-refundable.  I will create a written contract/work order for you for your confidence as well as a detailed description of what is included in your commission if you request this. If you fail to make payment for the balance plus shipping, within 30 days of completion of the project, I will assume that you are no longer interested in the item, and the doll and repaint become the property of My Immortals. I will make several attempts to bill you and contact you before My Immortals assumes complete ownership of the item, but 30 days is the limit.

I ask for four to five weeks to complete your commission and I will send electronic (by email) photos for your approval.

Once approved, the balance, plus insured shipping will be due.

I take payments by Paypal and will ship to Paypal verified addresses only by Priority Mail or FedEx Home Delivery (Domestic) and FedEx for International. A signature will be required.

OK… now for the fine print…

[1] I ask that the buyer supply the doll to be repainted. The price does not include the doll. If you cannot supply the doll, I will do my best to supply the doll at whatever price, plus shipping, it is available. Purchase of the doll by My Immortals must be prepaid.

[2]  I can’t guarantee the original box you supply will be in perfect condition upon completion or mailing. If you want to retain your box in perfect condition please do NOT send the doll in that original box.

[3] Carefully wrap the doll in bubble wrap and double box it with sufficient packing to avoid crushing and take extra precautions in shipping and be sure to insure your doll.

[4] Insure your doll when you send it to me. I don’t offer any insurance or take any responsibility for the condition of your arriving doll in the process of shipping, so please carefully box double box your doll, and insure your doll accordingly.

[5] Finished commissions shipped back to customer will be insured for full value only. A signature will be required. Please do not ask for a reduction in insurance or for My Immortals to mark it as a gift in order to lessen the taxes on international shipments. It is the buyers responsibility to know the fees and taxes that will be incurred from your commission before purchasing.

[6] You will receive a certificate of authenticity with the completed doll and the head will be signed at the nape of the neck. Unless you provide clothing for the doll, or the stated commission includes clothing, the doll will be returned unclothed.

[7] I reserve the right to refuse any commission.