About Me


Welcome to the world of my little “forever” people.

Please enjoy what gives me… and I hope you… so much pleasure!

I wanted to give a little background on myself for those who want to know more about me or are thinking of purchasing from me.

Earlier in life, I was the manager of Bill Gold Advertising on Park Avenue in NYC where I designed and created movie posters and billboards for United Artists, Malpaso and other studios (Alien, Somewhere in Time, Firefox, Bronco Billy, The Lone Ranger to name a few) and I won 2 Society of Illustrators awards for the design of 7 foot lobby displays that you see at the movies.

While in New York, I met my talented husband and we became a retouchers for CBS, Nabisco, Johnny Walker, Chiquita Banana, and many others.

I have been an artist since I can remember! My mom and dad saw this early on and always kept me supplied with construction paper, paint, tape, models, craft materials, whatever I needed to accomplish my latest creation. I began winning awards for my art in elementary school at the age of 12.

I’ve been doing portraits for about 30 years and I sculpt, paint in acrylics and oils, sew, decorate… basically anything to do with art, I make it part of my life. I am a Master Artist with the Professional Doll Artists, and I belong to ERA as a reborn artist.

I first saw repaints in 2010 when I happened on Noel Cruz’ site and my jaw dropped!
 I decided right then and there that this was something I wanted to do!

After doing a LOT of research online and having e-mail conversations with other repaint artists who were kind enough to encourage and instruct, and others who have put up tutorials for everyone, I decided to jump in with both feet!

I use artist quality acrylics (Liquitex, Golden) which are all sealed as I go along and at the end.

My dad was a barber and taught me well. I’ve never been to a salon and my husband hasn’t been to a barber for 25 years!

I use some heat and mega gels to hold the men’s styles in place.

My hope is to get better and better as I go along and I’m working hard to expand my repertoire of characters.

Here are some other things I have done through the years. These oil paintings are just three of a large collection, now owned by most of my family members, that I started when I was 13 years old. I started winning awards for my work in elementary school.


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